What does jailbreak mean? Jailbreak is a term usually associated with the medication of a smartphone. Jailbreaking a phone usually means customizing the phone according to ones choice and also letting it install applications that are not available in the play store. Jailbreaking usually happens with an iphone, because there are quite a lot of applications that are not available in a non jailbroken iphone and no modifications can be made in such phones. In jailbroken iphones the developers can modify certain parts and features related to the OS.

The latest IOS is the IOS 11 so Jailbreaking on IOS 11 only is only possible and all the necessary changes on the iphone and iPad can only be made if one has the Electra jailbreak. Electra jailbreak for IOS 11 with cydia is the latest one that has been introduced. What is cydia? Cydia is a mobile app manager for IOS devices that lets the user’s jailbreak the iphone, pads and other IOS devices; it is like an alternative to the app store for apple. This jailbreak is compatible with all the latest apple devices and with all the versions of ios 11 till ios 11.1.2. There is no Electra jailbreak cydia ios 11.2.6, as it is only compatible with devices that have ios version 11.1.2.

electra jailbreak

Why to jailbreak?

If you are thinking of Jailbreaking your phone recently then here are a few reasons to do so:

  • You can download the apps from anywhere except for the apple app store.
  • You can without any problem use alternatives for a number of apps that do not work in the ios.
  • One can easily customize the look of their phone according to their liking and personality as Ios itself has limited options.
  • You can tether your iphone to the Mac which is generally not possible.
  • You can facetime over a 3g network after Jailbreaking which generally is not possible.

Is Jailbreaking good?

Jailbreaking makes using iphone and other apple devices quite easy; the device becomes customised and quite accessible but just like the benefits there are some negative aspects of Jailbreaking like:

  • It makes the phone an easier target for harmful malware and viruses. In a way it removes teh protection wall built by apple which is why the devices is at risk.
  • There is no guarantee of the device being secure after it is jailbroken. Jailbreaking means changing the whole OS or the operating system so there is no guarantee of security.
  • There is no antivirus protection for the apple devices once it is jailbroken.
  • The system becomes unstable to use.

All about Electra jailbreak

Coolstar who is responsible for Electra jailbreak for ios 11 had earlier launched the Electra jailbreak with substitute which is an alternative to cydia but recently it launched Electra jailbreak with cydia which was earlier not compatible with ios 11 but now it is.

Devices supported

It supports the following devices:

  • ios 11
  • ios 11.0.1
  • ios 11.0.2
  • ios 11.0.3
  • ios 11.1
  • ios 11.1.1
  • ios 11.1.2

These are the only device supported there is no Electra jailbreak from cydia ios 11.2 to cydia ios 11.2.6.

It is also compatible with the following devices:

  • iphone X
  • iphone 8
  • iphone 8 plus
  • iphone 7
  • iphone 7 plus
  • iphone 6s
  • iphone 6s plus
  • iphone 6
  • iphone SE
  • iphone 5s
  • 12.9 inch iPad pro
  • 10.5 inch iPad pro
  • IPad air 2
  • IPad
  • IPod touch
  • IPad mini 4
  • IPad mini 3
  • IPad mini 2

Things needed

There are quite a lot o things needed to jailbreak the iphone with the Electra Jailbreaking with cydia:

  • One needs to have a backup of the IOS device.
  • One needs to have a cydia impactor which is kind of a cydia tool which helps sin loading apps that are still not there in the IOS devices.

How to jailbreak with Electra jailbreak?

  • Firstly one has to connect their iphone or any other ios device with the computer.
  • Then the next step is to launch the cydia impactor app.
  • After this one had to drag and then drop the Electra package into the cydia impactor.
  • At last one has to enter the apple id and password in order to install it.

So Jailbreaking with Electra jailbreak is not bad but it is not something that is quiet recommended because it does have a harmful effect on the device. But if you are keen on Jailbreaking in order to customize your device and use it your way then you should just use electra jailbreak with cydia as it is safest and the trusted jailbreak to use.